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8th-Dec-2007 10:25 am(no subject)
Don't Let Go by piecesxofxme143
 i'm just so lonely.
and i wish i didnt feel like that
13th-Nov-2007 12:11 am(no subject)
Don't Let Go by piecesxofxme143
i realized today that i have amazing friends.
and i've always known this but for real. i love my friends
22nd-May-2007 12:20 am(no subject)
Don't Let Go by piecesxofxme143

a longer post soonish.

but on thursday i'm so excited

i will be seeing pirates with some cool kids who i miss so much.

and i don't think that they realize how much this is making me look forward to this week because summer 07 will hopefully kick off by this thursday.

with these pretty amazing group of people

23rd-Aug-2006 12:23 am(no subject)
Don't Let Go by piecesxofxme143
i hate goodbyes.
heart in sand by iiicon
School in almost a month. Craziness to think about where we all were last summer at this time. We were nervous as hell about meeting new people and going to these schools and being away from our homes.  At least I was.  I was terrified I wasn't going to make new friends or that I wouldn't keep in touch with the ones from here.  I was nervous I wouldn't get along with my roommate or that I would get lost or a list full of stuff.

Now I'm nervous again to go back to school.  A few months ago, before school let out I would have been the person to say that they would have wanted to be back like as soon as possible and that I would be getting together with my friends all the time or talking to the four girls who I grew to think of as my sisters all the time.  Not the case unfortunately, and I'm terrified that I won't have any of my favorite people to go back and be myself with.  That they don't want to be friends with me for some reason that I still can't tell you.  And as everyone knows here I am not the person for confrontation but I know I have to talk to them and see if they hate me. Or are mad at me. I'm scared that I won't have my friends next year and I will be all alone once again having to make new friends.  Someone was like well you can always make friends with the people in your hall but it's not the same at all.  I want to stay friends with those girls.  They honestly made my freshmen year so memorable and loving that it's insane but now I feel like once again I will be left in the dust. It sucks.

Kate has pointed out there is a reason for me to come back to North Haven and stay in this town.  I finally realized it and I have loved every moment that I have spent here.  Honestly I made friends with people I never thought I would and have grown to love the time I spend with them cause simply put they make me laugh and forget about my feeling unwanted at school.  And I've grown carefree this summer to a point where I simply dont care anymore and am just me.

So dear friends, whoever reads this: I might need some fun laughs next Thursday.  Actually I know I do, so can we please do something fun where I don't think about how much I don't feel loved.  Get back at me with that one.

P.S. Here's to Club Cod..... <3 my girls
10th-Jul-2006 11:23 pm(no subject)
Don&#39;t Let Go by piecesxofxme143
wow....i'm sad 

i really need this trip to be fun.
9th-Jul-2006 12:22 pm(no subject)
Don&#39;t Let Go by piecesxofxme143
As much fun this summer has been, I am afraid of what will happen when I go back to school.

Throughout this summer, it has sucked because I feel like I really don't have anyone up there anymore. Like nobody wants to hang out with me or keep in touch with me over the summer. That I will be alone up there. And I hate that feeling. I honestly feel like I have lost the four girls who were my family up there for some reason because I haven't talked to any of them. And if I do, I just think they are mad at me and it sucks.

On a brighter note, yesterday was Matt's birthday party and it was pretty awesome.  It was funny just catching up with people and what not.  When I got home though, there was a helicopter circling around my neighborhood.  That was pretty scary cause the last time that happened, and a helicopter was circling our area there was a home invasion. And this was like at midnight. I still don't know what was going on. Supposedly they were looking for some older guy. But still, mad sketch.

WORLD CUP FINAL IS ON SOON!!!!! I'm excited. I was telling Mike yesterday that I have to cheer for Italy by default because I feel like if I don't I'm betraying my entire town.  It's the hometown love obviously.

Cape Cod next weekend. So excited for it. :)
7th-Jul-2006 03:27 am(no subject)
Don&#39;t Let Go by piecesxofxme143
i miss him so much. it's been four months today. and it's his birthday
happy birthday angel boy....i'll be thinking of ya.

p.s. p.o.t.c. was good. and all the people i went with made it that much more special. <3
4th-Jul-2006 04:13 pm(no subject)
Don&#39;t Let Go by piecesxofxme143
This weekend was love.
8th-Jun-2006 11:18 pm(no subject)
Don&#39;t Let Go by piecesxofxme143
So I have been in Arkansas. And I'm going back on Wednesday. This means Jen has limited time in CT and has family she hasn't seen in years around. So I believe I'm free on Friday at night and all day Monday and Monday night and who knows about the other days of the week. Call me if you wanna hang out. And even after that cause I really do love phone calls!
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